Babies, auras and connections at Expo

YOUR child may not have an overactive imagination - he or she could be psychic.

Konnie Gold, who owns and operates The Australian Psychic Expo, says when children are little, they are very psychic.

"They see everything, they feel everything and they are still connected with people on the other side," Mrs Gold said. They are able to communicate with both.

"Babies are so special because they are so open. They see auras and see through people."

Mrs Gold, who runs the Psychic Expo with her husband, John, is in Mount Isa with six fellow psychics, including best-selling author Cassandra Eason.

"We all work differently, I don't work with cards but I read auras. So we all specialise in different things," Mrs Gold said.

Ms Eason said her psychic career started when her son was three, and said "Dad has fallen off his motorbike but he is okay."

Forty miles away her husband's motorbike had skidded on a patch of oil.

Now, 94 books and 30 years of research later, she says she has heard thousands of stories of psychic children.

"I did research at Oxford University on the subject and got accounts from 70 and 80 year-olds who remembered incidents as children."

"At the end of the day, the very best form of what we all do, is to give the power back to the person."

People lose confidence, they lose touch with their own instincts and sometimes if they feel absolutely bombarded, we can teach them to shield themselves psychically and psychologically and people are then able to deal with life," she said.

"If you take the whole picture you have logic, expertise, common sense and you have the indefinable, sometimes we call it sixth sense. So what a psychic consultation will do is give you the missing piece of the jigsaw," Ms Eason said.

The Australian Psychic Expo will be at the Verona Hotel, Mount Isa, from today to Monday June 11, 9am-8pm.

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