Mates unite for ‘beautiful people’

DANIEL Graham, Scott Maitland and Cindy Masonwells only knew each other for about a year.

But the murder of Scott and Cindy in Cairns last week has "moved" 21-year-old Daniel into a touching weekend of kindness and compassion.

"They were beautiful people," he said.

The bodies of Scott and Cindy were found in a Cairns rainforest on Wednesday, and a man has appeared in court charged with their murder.

The tragedy has rocked friends and family and brought together like-minded people on the social media, each trying to help in their own way.

For Daniel, this is new territory and he admits to being a little overwhelmed.

"I'm only 21. I've never done anything like this before."

"This" is him and friends and volunteers running sausage sizzles and an auction this weekend to selflessly raise money for the Maitland and Masonwells families.

His drive to help Scott and Cindy began before the couple was found and initially was aimed at helping pay their bills and feed the dogs, which are still at the house vainly waiting for their owners' return.

"The reason why I am doing the fundraiser was originally to help a mate pay for Cindy and Scott's bills and to feed their pets until they came home ... because it would be one less thing to worry about," Daniel wrote on Facebook.

"But now it is purely in remembrance of two mates of mine and to help their families out in such a hard and upsetting time.

"I do not know their families personally but my condolences go out to them."

There is added emotion for Daniel and one which has given him further conviction. Yesterday he told how his charity crosses over the first anniversary of his mother's death.

It also adds to the busy nature of his own life because the Mount Isa born and raised tyrefitter is packing up to move to a new life in Brisbane.

"We'll be busy this weekend and then flat out next week packing."

Daniel has set up a collection tin at his former workplace, Beaurepaires for Tyres on Barkly Street, a trust bank account with the Country Credit Union, and this weekend he and his friends will be manning the barbecues at the Colonial Shopping Centre tomorrow from 8am and at the Super IGA on Sunday from 8am.

About 2.30pm Sunday in the Overlander Hotel, Daniel will host an auction of sporting memorabilia and other gifts, including signed State of Origin and Cowboys jerseys and a Lance Armstrong certified print.

"The amount of generosity in this city is ridiculous," he said shaking his head.

"This has just been amazing.

"We've got so much support; a lot of help has been offered."

To join Daniel's effort and to help the Maitland and Masonwells families, call him on 0413 388 045.

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