Accused 'vampire gigolo' killer extradited

A man charged with the 2003 murder of "vampire gigolo" Shane Chartres-Abbott has touched down in Melbourne after being extradited from Queensland this afternoon.

Warren Shea, 40, was escorted from a Virgin flight by police officers to a waiting car on the tarmac at Tullamarine Airport.

Despite the chilly weather, he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and tracksuit pants with a jacket covering his handcuffs.

Shea is set to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow charged with the murder of the male prostitute.

Chartres-Abbott was shot dead in an alleged professional hit outside his Reservoir home on June 4, 2003 as he was travelling to the Melbourne County Court, where he was due to appear to face rape charges.

Chartres-Abbott was arrested shortly after the attack, with the victim's blood on his pants and her phone in his bag.

He claimed he was the real victim and that he was forced to flee the hotel when the woman told him vice bosses planned to use him in a "snuff movie", a pornographic film that would end with his death.

The victim also told police that Chartres-Abbott dropped into conversation that he was a 200-year-old vampire.

Less than a week into his Chartres-Abbott's County Court trial, his lawyers asked that the defendant's address be struck from the record because of fears for his safety.

As Chartres-Abbott left his Reservoir home for court on June 4, 2003, he was ambushed by two gunmen.

One attacked Chartres-Abbott's pregnant girlfriend and her father while the second shot the male prostitute dead.

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