Zahne Castley's video for the World's Greatest Shave has gone viral

CHOP: Zahne Castley says she is ready to lose her locks in support of the Leukemia Foundation. 
Photo: Samantha Walton.

CHOP: Zahne Castley says she is ready to lose her locks in support of the Leukemia Foundation. Photo: Samantha Walton.

MOUNT Isa resident Zahne Castley is receiving national awareness in relation to her video regarding her shave for the Leukemia Foundation. The shave is in support of her husband who was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago.

At the age of 27, husband Barry Castley, noticed a lump on his collarbone. After a trip to the doctor he was soon diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was to move to Townsville to start chemotherapy for six months.

“Myself and our 9-month-old baby stayed at the Leukemia Foundation. They provided free accommodation for the entire duration of Barry’s treatment. We were also located straight across the road from the hospital where he was admitted,” Zahne said.

“The way the foundation was set up was lovely. It had a library and playground for our son to play on and there was also baked items. All of this made our visit much easier.”

Barry recovered well and returned home. Since then Zahne and Barry had another baby and Zahne created a video of their journey and decided to shave her hair. 

“This year is the year that I wanted it to happen, as our children are a bit older and can understand why mummy cut her hair off. I made the video ideally for just our family and friends, but when Barry heard I was doing the shave he was so proud he started telling people and sharing the video.”

Three weeks after the video was released, Zahne had received messages from supporters all over the country.

“Watching my video go viral has been confronting but I am grateful that I am creating awareness and that people appreciate what I am doing,” she said.

Zahne had also received $3109 on her Worlds Greatest Shave donation page.

“My target is $5000 and I have received support in response to the video, so that has been amazing.

Zahne said she had not organised a date for the shave.

“It was suppose to be low-key and local. I had planned to shave at home then Barry shared the clip and it has received national attention. But if anyone would like to jump on board and organise an event I will not stop them.”

The video can be seen at

If you would like to make a donation visit