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WET TIMES: Never mind the weather forecasters, our cartoonist Bret Currie is plotting a remake of The Dambusters.

WET TIMES: Never mind the weather forecasters, our cartoonist Bret Currie is plotting a remake of The Dambusters.

Confront the CFMEU Hegemony

If ever a defining moment was needed to shine the halogen lamp on the errrant fiduciary, the visigothic CFMEU, then last week’s unscheduled march through Brisbane’s CBD, spuriously in solidarity support of 55 CUB sacked brewery workers in Victoria, must be it.

This callous ‘mob’ disregard for the innocents going about their daily grind was for all to see.

No advice/procedural warning was given to motorists/police for the protest march, this massive king-hit causing gridlock to inner-city streets and causing discomfort/disruption for both commuters/drivers.

Let there be no doubt about the messages evinced here, let alone the question of protected industrial action.

Writing in the Courier Mail September 9, both Trenton Akers and Anthony Templeton illuminate the role of the CFMEU State secretary Michael Ravbar addressing the crowds, described him as flexing his union’s muscles by saying “I love a f...ing revolution”, such comments backed up by his little Mr. Echo, the assistant State secretary of the CFMEU, Jade Ingham when he said “We just like a f...ing blue” – charming!

At a time when Queensland’s economy/building industry is in the doldrums, how can it be that this BLF wild cat behaviour from yesteryear, be allowed to continue with such impunity?

Even more reprehensible, has been the responses emanating from our “Sergeant Schulz” Palaszczuk ALP government whose spineless comments merit closer scrutiny.

This writer will not allow you to pathetically smile your way out of this one Premier Palaszczuk.

Remember Premier you and your fellow cabinet ministers’ massive salaries are footed by ordinary salaried hardworking taxpayers, like this blue collar worker, who continues to work so as not to be a burden on society.

Your mealy-mouthed comment “the unions are passionate about securing a fair pay deal” just doesn’t wash; so wrong Premier.

When a rogue union like the CFMEU walks roughshod over the law, it is time for your ALP government to stand up for its citizens in the name of decency/greater good.

Offering vacuous pathetic excuses to ignore yet another CFMEU untrammelled stunt with a cashed up war chest that is used to garner ALP political patronage, just doesn’t pass the pub test, Ms Palaszczuk.

Lilly-livered responses from senior cabinet ministers vis a vis Jackie Trad/Cameron Dick demonstrate contempt for the broader public.

Meanwhile, Premier, the silence of your three local ALP Townsville representatives, Messrs Harper, Stewart and especially your hand-picked Ms Coralee O’Rourke continues unabated, Ms O’Rourke giving gravitas to the suggestion that her ministerial elevation was due solely to the two Gs – Gender and Geography.

Dear Premier, how can you see “The Light on The Hill” when you are peering through the lenses of the CFMEU?

Peter J Smith,


Well done, Mount Isa soccer

I must congratulate the Mount Isa teams and supporters for a fantastic couple of days of soccer finals.

The atmosphere at the ground was electric for such a small community.

I enjoyed watching all the games and being immersed in the competitive, but friendly spirit in which the games were played.

Many of the young players have talent and should be congratulated for the high standard of football.

The fans too played their part with some good old fashioned, but harmless barracking.

A great weekend. Well done all.  

Ken Cotterill


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