Greg McDermott cycles to inspire

PEDAL HARD: Greg McDermott takes in Outback at Isa on his big cycle around Australia. Photo: Derek Barry

PEDAL HARD: Greg McDermott takes in Outback at Isa on his big cycle around Australia. Photo: Derek Barry

A heavily overweight and depressed Greg McDermott can remember the exact lightbulb moment that changed his life three years ago.

“I went to a good mate’s wedding and I tried to put on a vest that fitted me six weeks before and it didn’t fit me anymore,” Greg said.

“I decided then and there on the fifth of January 2013, I had enough of looking and feeling the way I did and on the 8th I started personal training, transformed my diet and stopped drinking for nine months.”

Greg got into triathlons which he really enjoyed and it went off from there.

“Then I got into half Ironman triathlon, then a full Ironman and then I was invited to do a race called Ultraman, a three day triathlon (swim 10km, cycle 420km and run 85km) which was a real mental battle,” he said.

Now Greg wants to inspire others to find their passion, live with purpose and set goals to achieve their dreams by doing a dream challenge of his own: a massive anti-clockwise cycle around Australia starting and ending in Sydney.

“Today (in Mount Isa) we’ve clicked over 3500kms with 11500km to go,” he said.

“There’s no rest days but it’s all for a good cause.”

That cause is charity Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets.

“They help homeless and disengaged youths and I’ve a real belief that the youth should have the opportunity to live their dreams,” Greg said.

“This was a dream of mine a few years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to make it happen.”

Greg with partner April Gillies.

Greg with partner April Gillies.

Helping Greg on his dream is his partner April Gillies who he met in early 2013 as he began his transformation.

April is his support person driving the campervan from town to town.

“She’s the cook, the cleaner, the nutritionist, you name it, she looks after me on a day to day basis,” Greg said.

“I set off around 6am, April catches up with me after 90k’s for breakfast, and then April catches up with me every 30k after that.”

You can help Greg reach his $50,000 fundraising goal at

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