Coach Kristian Woolf angry after World Cup semi final loss

Tonga lost 20-18 to England in the world cup semi final.
Tonga lost 20-18 to England in the world cup semi final.

England have brought Tonga’s rugby league giant killing run to an end, ending the world cup for the Pacific nation’s Mount Isa-born coach Kristian Woolf.

Woolf, who also coaches the Townsville Blackhawks, was critical of the refereeing in their narrow 20-18 loss.

The match was marred by a controversial finish when referee Matt Cecchin decided Andrew Fifita had knocked on in the last play of the game. 

The Sharks prop dived over the line thinking he'd scored the winner, but the refree ruled a knock on and refused to send the play to the video ref.

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At his post-match press conference, Woolf was angry the play wasn't sent upstairs.

"What I don't understand with that one, is if you look at some of the other tries - the first try that England scored and Andrew Fifita looks like he gets his arm underneath - we look at that as many times as we possibly can to try and find a way to say that he hasn't put his hand underneath," he said.