Outback tale one for the children

Children now have the chance to be more informed about Australia's unique Outback thanks to a book telling quirky tales of the country's remoteness.

The remote town of Birdsville, on the edge of the Simpson Desert, is now home to a book penned by Kelly Theobald, titled Onslo .

The best-selling book has been embraced by children Australia-wide and adults are just as taken with the tale.

Theobald said the idea for a children's book set in the Outback was conceived when she realised there was a lack of knowledge and interest about the Outback in urban Australia.

''So many people know very little about the Outback, which is a shame considering the uniqueness of remote towns, their characters and scenery as well as the economic importance of our pastoral industries,'' Theobald said.

''My hope is to get more people visiting the Outback and to do so, I'm starting with getting kids interested.'' 

Onslo  is the story of a blue Volkswagen Beetle who dreams of crossing the great Simpson Desert, just like the four-wheel-drives who visit Birdsville.

But, they tell him that he's too small.

Nevertheless, the determined little car and his friend, Geoffrey the galah, venture into the dunes.

With the help of some friendly desert animals, the brave pair cross the desert safely and are celebrated as heroes upon their return to Birdsville.

When Theobald, a journalist, and her partner drove the real Onslo, an unmodified 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, across the Simpson Desert in September 2012, the Onslo tale was born.

''I love writing for kids because they have such vivid imaginations and are so enthusiastic about a good story,'' she said.

Onslo  is the first book for Theobald, who said that there will be many more to come and all will be set in various locations in the Outback.

ONSLO OUTBACK TALES: Author Kelly Theobald with her book Onslo outside the Birdsville Hotel.

ONSLO OUTBACK TALES: Author Kelly Theobald with her book Onslo outside the Birdsville Hotel.