Dance classes a huge hit

 DANCE classes in Mount Isa are in high demand, proven by a wave of support when teacher Sally Prendergast put a call out to gauge interest on social media.

Ms Prendergast posted on a Mount Isa social media forum to seek interest for children's dance classes and received more than 200 emails within two days.

The classes will run every afternoon Monday to Friday and offer a range of theatrical styles including ballet, jazz and funk, tap, with hip-hop and contemporary being introduced later in the year.

Ms Prendergast said she was overwhelmed with the response for classes and hoped to build it into a full-time business this year.

``The response has been amazing,'' she said.

``This year will be development phase and after this year I am hoping to concrete it in and make it a full-time thing.'' 

Ms Prendergast recently moved to Mount Isa from Sydney, but has previously lived in the city, where she taught at the Mount Isa School of Dance and worked for Glencore.

She returned to be closer to family and to share her love of dance with Mount Isa.

Ms Prendergast said she believed there was a lack of children's activities in the city and was hoping to offer more options for both children and adults.

``I know from working with the Mount Isa School of Dance that they have a lot of wait lists and a lot of people who are missing out on places,'' she said.

``So one of the things I love about this is [offering more classes] is that people can do a ballet class here one night and a jazz class somewhere else on another night, and the customer is winning at the end of the day.'' 

Ms Prendergast has more than 20 years of experience in the field of dance, including owning and operating a dance studio in Melbourne, and extensive experience in costume design.

However, it is not purely dance skills that keep the passion alive for Ms Prendergast.

``My speciality for a long time has been prep-age and preschool kids and my favourite thing about it is seeing the things that they learn that are not dance related,'' she said.

``They build confidence, their motor skills, their musicality, all that stuff is amazing.

``One of the things I pride myself on with being a dance teacher is that it's not just about discipline, it's about the fun and the socialising as well.

``That's really important to me as far as the structure of my dance classes go.'' 

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