Chambers brings joy to Outback

Kasey Chambers

Kasey Chambers

THE outback is a part of Australia close to Kasey Chambers’ heart.

And that is why she can’t wait to make it to the North West for the Mount Isa Music Festival.

‘‘The outback is very close to my heart,’’ she said.

‘‘I lived off the land for the first 10 or 12 years of my life.’’

‘‘I feel more of a connection to rural areas and the outback.’’ 

Chambers will be one of the leading acts at the festival on Saturday night and is looking forward to bringing some joy to people doing it tough on the land. 

‘‘I’m really looking forward to experiencing Mount Isa – it’s a great iconic town,’’ she said.

‘‘Hopefully we can lift some spirits and put some smiles on people’s faces.’’ 

It’s not the first time Chambers has been to Mount Isa but this time she will be old enough to remember it.

As a teenager she played at a pub with her family’s revered Dead Ringer Band, consisting of dad Bill, mum Di and older brother Nash. Her family still plays a big part in Chambers’ music – her dad still plays in her band, her mum sells merchandise and her brother is her manager.

‘‘My dad taught me all I know and I got to tour the world with him,’’ Chambers said.

Chambers is looking forward to the festival and playing alongside some familiar faces.

She describes Beccy Cole as her best friend and jams regularly and has toured numerous times with Harry Hookey.