Eight people missing after attempting drive in North West Queensland floodwaters

Pam Forster sent in this photo of flooding in Urandangie this morning.
Pam Forster sent in this photo of flooding in Urandangie this morning.

UPDATE: 8.40pm 

The people feared missing in floodwaters south of Mouth Isa have been found safe and well.

Mount Isa police this evening located one of the vehicles earlier reported missing between Urandangi and Mount Isa.

Following investigations and enquiries with the occupants of that vehicle and other Mount Isa residents police are satisfied that both vehicles and all occupants have arrived safely in Mount Isa.

UPDATE: 5.10pm 

Police are coordinating a search and rescue operation after eight people were reported missing in an area impacted by heavy flooding in North West Queensland.

Around 2.30pm, police received information that seven adults and a two-year-old child travelling in two vehicles departed Urandangi at 11am this morning destined for Mount Isa.

As of 4.45pm, they have not reached Mount Isa and it is believed they have become stranded by flood waters.

Heavy rain and cloud cover is so far hindering efforts to deploy aerial assets to survey local roads and police are unable to conduct a land search as no vehicles can access roads due to flooding.

Police are hoping that a break in the weather may enable a fly over before dark. If not, the search will resume at first light.


QUEENSLAND Police have started a search for eight people who are missing in floodwaters.

Inspector Trevor Kidd of Mount Isa Police said the eight people, seven adults and one two-year-old child, left Urandangi at 11am this morning headed for Mount Isa.

However when they did not arrive at their destination, the alarm was raised with police.

Insp Kidd said at the first instance police had to backtrack to confirm movements of the people involved and the vehicles.

“We know they were from the Lake Nash area and their eventual destination was Mount Isa,” he said.

“We don’t know if they are stuck somewhere or missing.”

“But the roads around Urandangi are impassable at the moment.”

At the time of writing police did not yet have a description of the vehicles and had launched an investigation using police from Mount Isa and Dajarra.

Police were also waiting for improved conditions to get an aircraft into the area to assist with the search.

More to follow.