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WINNERS: Representatives of North West Gymnastics and Injilinji kindergarten get community grants from Mount Isa City Council. See the Star next week for more details.
WINNERS: Representatives of North West Gymnastics and Injilinji kindergarten get community grants from Mount Isa City Council. See the Star next week for more details.

An open letter to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

In Townsville this month, you publically pledged your ALP government’s support for the Galilee Basin’s Adani coal mine.

Given your government’s back-flip on its “No To Asset Sales” – a pragmatic stance I concur with – your political credibility is under the pump. 

Having resided for 30 years until 2007 in Anna Bligh’s/Jackie Trad’s hip South Brisbane electorate, I know it is imperative that you deliver on this undertaking.

I, along with writers of the calibre of Robin Evans of Kelso and Barry Lowe of Thuringowa and other economic realists have been set upon/pilloried by censorial keyboard warriors spawned in the Green fields of academe, abetted by a coterie of dilettante rebels who think one can create action by simply breathing on the void.

Trust me, Premier, pay scant notice to shrill rubbish dished up by Green zealotry; their continued vexatious litigation being funded by wealthy Green sources shines the torch on their blow hard mien.

By 2040, the most optimistic Green scenario from the International Energy Agency indicates total global contribution from solar/wind will be less than 3%.

The turbo-charged hype that somehow solar/wind are on the verge of solving climate change is best described as tooth fairy bunkum.

Premier, it is good for you to join forces with many others to give voice to the world’s neediest, given they have no access to cheap electricity, surely a basic human right.

Just why are those of the “Social Justice” brigade not screaming from religious/political pulpits? The World Health Organisation points to over 150,000 deaths annually from global warming which pales when compared to 7 million deaths annually from air pollution, millions who starve and those 2.5 billion souls who go daily without clean water/sanitation/refrigeration.

Access to cheap affordable electricity from Adani’s thermal coal, can, over time, emancipate 346 million Indians from the shackles of poverty.

The pathway to cheap green energy is to dramatically increase R & D to innovate the lowering of the price of such green energy, as part of a balanced future energy mix in which coal will continue to play a vital role.

As junior staffer in the 1980’s, involved in the Deed of Grant in Trust (or DOGIT) legislation, I crossed paths with many great Queenslanders.

I shared, luckily, many a cuppa with Archerfield’s Kevin ‘Boots’ Hooper, whose seat you now occupy, Premier.

An outspoken critic of corruption, Hooper always impressed upon me the virtue of standing up for the marginalised/underdog.

Now, Premier, we both know where Mr Hooper would stand on this, don’t we.

 North Queensland deserves more than an economic future shoved down our throats by city-centric southern green potentates.

Adani needs to proceed yesterday Premier ‘cos life is not endless and nights are cold on the mountain.

Stone the crows, Premier, you may even score your biggest political achievement to date – my vote!

Peter Smith


Facebook Feedback on swimming pool lease

Roy Macpherson Four residents complained about pool hours and a contract is terminated yet the whole town takes the council to task over other issues for years and nothing is done? What influence did these four have over council?

Lisa Dempsey Would've been more then 4 people, maybe council took into count all the talk of how they were off facebook pages as well.. I for one am glad, I've taken kids twice now first time in yrs and they love it

Tracey Simone Tweedie Well now there are no lessons, there is no swimming squad, is the pool still able to have the therapeutic pool thing happening which the senior citizens were involved in?


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