The six films on youth sexual health in Mount Isa

YARNING: A scene from one of the movies, this one set by the shore of Lake Moondarra.
YARNING: A scene from one of the movies, this one set by the shore of Lake Moondarra.

Last week Mount Isa youth organisation Young People Ahead launched a series of innovative short films featuring local youths talking about sexual health.

The films cover sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, condom access and use, pregnancy and contraception, reducing sexual health stigma, safe sexual relationships and STI and HIV/AIDS knowledge.

The films stress the importance of talking with your friends, safe sex and getting yourself checked out at the free clinic.

Note that the “Doreen St Clinic” referred to in many of the films has now moved to the cottage at 1 Barkly Hwy, Mount Isa opposite the skatepark.

Here are the films:

1 “Respectin’ yourself”

Young women and young men talk about their attitudes to each other at a party.

“Safe sex is the best sex” is the message.

Featuring: Marakita Luff, Dakota Britcher, Ena Oakley, Shelley Retchford, Norton Doyle and Jamie Alley.

Respectin' Yourself

2 “Protectin’ Yourself”

At the same party, a group of young men talk about the importance of condoms, where to get them and how to use them. Then one of them asks a young girl home, who asks

“You got protection?”

“I’ll protect you” (putting his arm around her)

“Not what I meant, dummy!”

“Yeah, I got protection.”

Featuring: Ronald Ah Wing, Evander Connelly, Codie Nichols, Sarah Dalle Cort

Protectin’ Yourself

3 Preggers and contraception

Three young women chat, with one saying she might have got pregnant.

“Why don’t we go to the clinic together and see the nurses?”

Featuring:  Shelley Retchford, Marakita Luff, Dakota Britcher 

Preggers and contraception

4 Got Something

Young men yarning about Sexually Transmitted Infections, and breaking down the barriers to seeking Help and Assistance when needed.

“It’s been hurting down there, when I pee”.

“Go to the clinic bro, just book a time and do it”

The girlfriend is also worried and her friend also advises her to go to the clinic.

“Like I said, you don’t know”.

Featuring:  Ronald Ah Wing, Codie Nichols, Sarah Dalle Cort, Dakota Britcher 

Got something?

5 Checkin’ me out

A step by step look at presenting into a Sexual Health clinic and getting the support needed to stay Safe, and Healthy.

“Don’t forget to bring your partner in and then you’ll both have peace of mind”.

Featuring Ronald Ah Wing, Elise Brady and Elizabeth Berryman.

Checkin' me out

6 It’s ok to yarn about it

Young people sitting around Lake Moondarra talking about Sexual and Reproductive health, and how this is normal conversation that need to be had as they transition into adulthood.

“Contraception, that’s not a boy’s responsibility”

“It takes two, Jacob, man up”

Featuring Evander Connolly, Dakota Britcher and Norton Doyle.

It's ok to talk about it