Masters athletes bring home swag full of medals from Alice Springs

Three of the Masters athletes from the Mount Isa Athletics Club recently returned from the Alice Springs Masters Games. 

This is the fourth trip to the Alice for the trio who once again made their presence known.  They medalled in every one of their events coming home with 17 gold, 5 silver and one bronze and PB’d (personal best) in a third of their events.

Sharon Dickson had the easiest program only nominating for two events but came home with an unblemished record of two gold and two PB’s.

The competitor numbers at the Games were lower than normal but the quality of competition was as fierce as ever. 

It was never more evident than in David “Coach Awesome” Scotts’ 100m when three gold medals were awarded for a three-way tie for first place. 

The track officials were struggling to agree on the placings until in a true act of sportsmanship David indicated that with handheld timing there would be no separation in the three and suggested they all receive gold for their efforts.

Ken Dickson also had his share of close competition particularly with George Nakaora who Ken describes as one big unit. 

George pushed him to within 12cm of his all time best discus throw. 

Dickson threw 37.49m to fend off his rivals’ 36.34m throw. 

The tables were turned in the Shot Put where George took the gold.

Ken’s highlight of the weekend came on day four when he had the opportunity to race his friend David in the Pentathlons 200m. 

The two entered the straight shoulder to shoulder and Dickson seized the opportunity to take a rare win from his teammate running 27.5 seconds, a one second PB and club record.

Dave’s highlight other than jumping over 5m in two separate Long Jump events was the Isa crew officiating the 80-84 years Men’s Triple Jump. 

One of the pair was attempting to break the games record for the event and was falling only centimetres short of the mark. 

Dave convinced him to move back to the 5m board to give himself room to jump and then on his next attempt he smashed the record by 30cm.

Dave also took out the 40-44 year Men’s Pentathlon games record which now gives him the double as he also holds the 35-39 year record for the same event. 

Sharon also currently holds the 45-49 year Women’s Hammer games record as well.

Alice was just stage two of four for Ken and David who will be jetting off to Perth on October 25th to complete at the World Masters Athletic Championships. 

Both are primarily going to compete in the decathlon but have nominated for a few extra events while they are there. 

Neither expect any podium finishes and would be ecstatic to be anywhere near the top 10 and still quite content with a top 20 finish. 

After Worlds they will fly straight to the Gold Coast for the Pan Pacific Masters Games where they will be joined by Davids’ fiancée Susan Cernoia.