Muay Thai classes in the Isa

Mauy Thai training at the PCYC.

Mauy Thai training at the PCYC.

In an effort to build trust and respect between Police and Indigenous Youth in Mount Isa,  Mount Isa PCYC has been conducting Muay Thai self defence classes in conjunction with the 187 Respect Youth Group during the school holidays.

Senior Constable Hannah Beard of Mount Isa Station, a state champion in the Muay Thai light weight division has been relieving at the Mount Isa Branch and has provided Mount Isa’s troubled kids with plenty of Muay Thai self-defence training, focusing on respect and discipline.

Up to 15 kids at a time have received instruction from Senior Constable Beard and more than a couple have shown real ability and have picked up on the skills necessary to be a competitive fighter.

The program is part of the Indigenous Community Sport and Recreation program being conducted by the Mount Isa PCYC during the school holidays.

Some of the training can be viewed on the Mount Isa PCYC YouTube channel.