Letters to the editor

Cartoonist Bret Currie goes retro black and white this week as he contemplates the mysteries of junior golf sign on.
Cartoonist Bret Currie goes retro black and white this week as he contemplates the mysteries of junior golf sign on.

Corporate Triathlon a great event

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending and participating in my first triathlon at the Isa Rats Corporate Triathlon 2017.

While Mount Isa City Council was a proud sponsor of this event, it was my personal inclusion in this event that I most benefitted from.

Throughout the years, the Isa Rats have given a strong sense of belonging to the sporting community in Mount Isa, and although they are made up of some highly respected athletes of exceptional abilities, it is the acceptance and encouragement that the Isa Rats give to the broader community, those that are inexperienced and nervous about their abilities, that makes all the difference.

We are accepted into the Isa Rats family and given all the encouragement and support one needs to achieve their sporting potential.

The weekend’s Triathlon was a true testament to this. Always having a strong committee, the IsaRats, now led by Craig Nicholson, put together a wonderful event, which attracted a record number of participants, many of whom, like me, were unsure if they were ready for the challenge.

In his welcome, Craig encouraged the participation of every individual out there, and gave a sense of inclusion and achievement to us all, and it was exactly what I, and many of my fellow participants needed.

My sincere thanks goes to Craig and the Isa Rats, for this event was a demonstration of true sportsmanship shown by a great community of talented, and aspiring athletes.

I look forward to next year’s Isa Rats Triathlon.

Joyce McCulloch,

Mount Isa Mayor

Mixing DNA and tolerance

Some regular readers may consider me to be politically of the left.

I don't know what that means.

Perhaps I push unions over business and bash progress?

Not likely.

Because I know that if we had not seen the benefits of caves, combining talents, compassion and consideration, mixing DNA and tolerance, we would all have died years ago.

George Harley 

Mount Isa

LNP campaign of finger-pointing and half-truths 

Queensland is fortunate to have talented and diligent doctors, nurses and midwives working in maternity services and I thank them for their dedication. 

Their hard work is reflected by very good outcomes for mothers and babies in Queensland, particularly when compared to national and international figures. 

I find it disappointing when the LNP and Opposition health spokesman John-Paul Langbroek dismiss Queensland’s maternity services, all the while ignoring the immense strain placed upon them when the former LNP Government sacked 1800 nurses and midwives and gutted the State’s patient safety unit. 

The truth is that appropriate nursing and midwifery staffing levels save lives.

That is why we introduced and passed nurse to patient ratio legislation, which sadly Mr Langbroek and the Opposition opposed.

That is also why I have ordered a statewide audit of maternity staffing levels. 

The LNP’s unsubstantiated claim that Weipa maternity services were on track to reopen in 2015 flies in the face of the fact that the LNP made no financial provisions available to make this a possibility. 

The LNP and Mr Langbroek need to start listening to and supporting our hardworking frontline health staff, and stop their campaign of finger-pointing and half-truths. 

Cameron Dick

Health and Ambulance Services Minister