Cloncurry police arrest juveniles alleged to have defaced court house

Vandalism in Cloncurry

Vandalism in Cloncurry

CLONCURRY police have arrested two juveniles alleged to have graffitied the court house, council administration building, and state government motor vehicles last Friday night. 

A 12-year-old and 14-year-old are scheduled to appear in the closed Cloncurry Children’s Court at a later date to face damage and theft charges. 

Cloncurry Police Station’s officer-in-charge, Senior Sergeant Brad Rix, said the damage to property was extensive.

He said other young people may be involved in similar offences which have caused “angst and frustration” shared on social media.

“We are aware of these concerns...and very aware of acts that are causing these concerns, frustration, and at times, anger,” he said.

Senior Sergeant Rix said police had the same feelings as members of the community. He said police accepted part of the responsibility by preventing the offences and prosecuting criminals. 

“The police, however, have a long list of competing priorities which require both time and resources to manage,” he said.  

These priorities include domestic violence reports, street fighting, drink driving, Ice use and supply, and historical feuding. 

“These are all local issues, which Cloncurry is definitely not alone in experiencing, and are certainly not raised here as a means to deflect our responsibility when it comes to the recent matters,” Senior Sergeant Rix said.

He listed ways in which Cloncurry residents could help prevent crime: 

-Lock your house and vehicles. “The vast majority of the offences occur on unlocked houses and vehicles,” Senior Sergeant Rix said. 

-Hide valuables to lessen the appeal of the crime. 

-Observe suspicious behaviour and be more vigilant if your neighbour is away. 

-Report crimes no matter how insignificant the value of the crime seems. Local victims have not wanted to burden police with what seems to be minor crimes but it limits the information police have. 

-Consider increasing security measures such as motion sensored spot lights, cameras, and dogs. 

-Contact the Cloncurry Police Station on 4742 888 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 to report information on crime in the community.