Katter is holding the state to ransom

The Katter Party members and the One Nation member in the Queensland Parliament are threatening to block the state budget and force an early election.

These people havent even seen the budget, it hasn’t been drafted, yet they are making these dangerous threats.

These members of the Queensland Parliament have very short memories, don’t they remember that the people of Queensland at the recent referendum decided that elections would be held every four years with fixed terms as opposed to the present three year terms?

The message is clear from the people of our state

We don’t want too many elections. We want governments to be given the time to govern.

The Member for Mount Isa loves getting his photo in the  North West Star making announcements on behalf of the Queensland Government when it suits his own political agenda.

Last year in his comments and media releases following the state budget he was full of praise for the state Labor government’s budget for the money which had been allocated to regional Queensland and now he is joining with One Nation in threatening to block the next budget even when he doesn’t have a clue as to what it contains.

To threathen to block the state budget is an extreme step, it means that the state government would not have the money to pay wages to every person who is employed by the state government such as our teachers, our nurses, our doctors, our police officers.

The government wouldn’t be able to pay contractors and could not provide the services which it provides on a daily basis.

Such foolish action would threaten the economy of our state by way of loss of confidence and as such these members of parliament including our own Mount Isa representative stand condemned and should be called upon to “please explain”.

In a recent edition of this column I highlighted some of the financial packages which our State Government had provided to Councils in the North West.

Here are some additional ones. Stopped asset sales, had a meeting of the cabinet working group in Mount Isa, helped to secure the $800 million NT to mount Isa gas pipeline with 560 jobs, introduced legislative changes to extend the life of the copper smelter, provided $10.7 million for the widening of the Flinders Highway.