Islanders get the victory

Amber Syrls in action for the Hustlers
Amber Syrls in action for the Hustlers

Here are the results from Round 2 of the Mount Isa Pool Association 2017 competition.

MIBC ISLANDERS 13 (Noel Doyle 4) defeated BARKLY INCREDIBALLZ 11 at the Barkly Hotel

First-round winners Barkly Incrediballz found themselves in a scrap with the new side, the Islanders, who fell short last week.

The Incrediballz, who won easily last week took a handy 4-2 lead behind Joel Lindenburgh and John Houng but the Islanders levelled at 6-all. Gary Cummins and Noel Doyle have lost one frame each over the first two weeks, and both ate frames off the Ballz, taking a 9-8 lead against last year’s finalists.

Ballz captain James Hay surged his side back and Tim Graham levelled the day at 11-all. The Islanders took the last two frames. Jayson Evans and Jay Austin, who both played well for the new side, got the Islanders their first win on the year.  The Ballz worked out early the Islanders will be a force but at the same time, shouldn't be discouraged as they go to Round 3 against unbeaten Hustlers.

Johnny Houng for the Incrediballz.

Johnny Houng for the Incrediballz.


After a very close match against the Islanders in Round 1, the Hustlers are undefeated. Still, the side that took on the Barkly Boozers was vastly different to their week one side, so to see out the day 15-9 winners was a good effort.

Captain Steve Healy and Garth Apps began with handy wins but part-time players such as Amber Syrls and Shane Lambert ultimately took the day for the Hustlers.

For the Boozers, Neil Ning and Darrell Walford kept their side in the mix with handy wins, but the Hustlers outplayed them with the day decided before the fourth set. While the Hustlers are hanging around the top they will need to step up against better sides, while the Boozers have a good shot at their first win when they take on the Outlaws at the Irish Club next week.

BUFFS 303S 19 (Adam Langtree 4, Adam Murr 4, Braith Graham 1, Ashton Graham 1) defeated BUFFS JMI 5

The Buffs 303s and the Buffs JMI has grown into a massive rivalry but with troops unavailable to captain Frank Gatto, the JMI were always up against it in Round 2.

AT 9-2, the JMI were out of their depth, but a resilient effort got them back into the match. The 303s were too strong on the day, with Adam Langtree and Adam Murr standout players.

BUFFALO BILLS 14 (Ziggy Grubczynski 4) defeated IRISH CLUB OUTLAWS 10

Joining the Hustlers in the unbeaten stakes was the Buffalo Bills who welcomed Ziggy Grubczynski and Nathan Mann into the side once more, and saw themselves ahead 4-1 against the Outlaws who were kicking their year off after a first-round bye.

Outlaws Graeme Van Der Vliet and Randall Thorpe backed their captain Pierre Pardo up well but the momentum was with the Bills. The Outlaws will circle next week’s match against the Boozers as a match they could win. The Bills next play Overlander New Stars.

BOWLING ALLEY CPR 17 (Don Cameron 4, Samantha Lakeland 3, Lester Armstrong 3, Leslie Smith 2, Jacob Armstrong 2) defeated BOWLING ALLEY INLAWS 7

The final match of the round saw the Bowling Alley CPR continue sneaking under the radar to third on the ladder with yet another impressive victory, this time over their sister-side, the Bowling Alley Inlaws 17-7.


1st BUFFS 303s 4 pts, +32 differential

T-2nd BUFFALO BILLS 4 pts, +16

T-2nd BOWLING ALLEY CPR 4 pts, +16

4th MIBC HUSTLERS 4 pts, +8

5th BARKLY INCREDIBALLZ 2 pts, +4pts

6th ISLANDERS 2 pts, 0 differential

7th IRISH CLUB OUTLAWS 0 pts, -4


9th BARKLY BOOZERS 0 pts, -18

10th BUFFS JMI 0 pts, -20

11th BOWLING ALLEY INLAWS 0 pts, -34