Queensland shadow minister for northern development Andrew Cripps praises state's framework for gas supply

Queensland Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Northern Development, Andrew Cripps.
Queensland Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Northern Development, Andrew Cripps.

THE Prime Minister should not interfere with Queensland’s existing policies to ensure more gas can be used for the national domestic market, said Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Natural Development Andrew Cripps.

Malcolm Turnbull accused states and territories for the potential energy crisis. The worst states were Victoria and South Australia.

They had “locked up” their resources and favoured exports over the domestic market, the Sydney Morning Herald reported

Mr Turnbull said the Federal Government keeps power over exports and could intervene further in coming months. 

"It is not acceptable for Australia - shortly to become the world's largest exporter of liquefied natural gas - to not have enough gas for its own families and its own businesses," Mr Turnbull said.

 Mr Cripps said that Queensland had been better at exploring and developing resources, and producing gas, than other states. 

Queensland was successful in delivering gas to both domestic and export markets. The Federal Government should not interfere with this framework already supplying gas to consumers, he said.

Mr Cripps blamed the policies of other states such as Victoria and New South Wales as being ideologically driven. They needed to start developing their own gas resources. These resources were not “insignificant”. 

“Queensland shouldn’t be disadvantaged or caught up in any proposed intervention, just because other states can’t overcome the problems created by extreme green activists and shock jocks,” Mr Cripps said. 

“The Queensland LNP won’t be supporting any gas reservation policy that doesn’t put Queensland’s needs first.” 

The former Newman government had promoted the “responsible development” of Queensland’s gas resources to supply reliable and affordable gas to domestic and export markets.