Forum on changes to charity sector

Michael Goldsworthy.
Michael Goldsworthy.

Big changes to community services mean government funded charities will soon have to compete on the open market for dollars.

Michael Goldsworthy of Australian Strategic Services will address whether small regional Not-For-Profits survive in this new competitive environment in LiveBetter workshops.

Michael will provide guidance at two free workshops at Red Earth: ‘Strategic Perspectives’ on March 20 and ‘Board and Governance’ on March 21 on the actions organisations can take now.

“Community organisations right across Australia are facing unprecedented changes due to an ageing population and funding and policy changes,” says LiveBetter CEO, Tim Curran.

“This will have significant impacts on all community service providers, but smaller providers and those in regional communities will be particularly affected.”

Having worked with over 500 NFP community businesses throughout Australia - 70% of which were in regional, rural and remote locations - Michael Goldsworthy is expertly positioned to provide powerful insight and practical advice for entering this new world order.