Letters to the editor

St Joseph's Catholic school Mount Isa students with their new adopt-a-cop Constable Kelly Gijsbertsen on March 17.
St Joseph's Catholic school Mount Isa students with their new adopt-a-cop Constable Kelly Gijsbertsen on March 17.

Reunion in Lithgow

I am part of a reunion committee that are looking for former students and teachers of Lithgow High School as we are holding a Year 10 1977 40 year reunion this coming November.

We are looking for those that were in Year 7 1974, Year 8 1975, Year 9 1976 and Year 10 1977 as there were some students/teachers who either did all those years and some that partially attended through those years.

We have also included Year 11 1978 and Year 12 1979 as these students/teachers do not have reunions.

Following are names we have not found over the years and we would like to touch base with.

The women’s names will be in their maiden name and apologies in advance if the spelling is incorrect and if some have passed away.

Trevor Berriman, Billy Cooper, Brian Dickens, Nardine Evans, Robert Fields, Tony Grahame, Allina Guest, Richard (Ricky) Johnstone, Kerrie Kearins, Grahame Mostyn, Donald Palmer, Andrew Rutherford, Menaz Salim, Stuart Woods.

Unfortunately we have not been able to collect all names over this time so we are asking your paper and readers to assist if they can.

Anyone that has attended reunions in 2007 and 2012 and have moved do you mind assisting with an update of your addresses if you have moved.

Reunion details: There will be pre-drinks at a local hotel to be determined at 7pm Friday November 17.

There has been a tour of Lithgow High School arranged for Saturday the 18th late morning for those interested.

The official function will be held Saturday November 18, 2017 at Black Gold Motel Wallerawang NSW 2845 at a cost of $50 a head.


Greg Sutton Email giagsutton@optusnet.com.au Phone: (02)63523778. Mobile: 0412320231

Linda Cluff (Maher): Email: info@blackgoldcabins.com.au Phone: (02) 63557305

Artie Oldman: Email: emchris2@westnet.com.au Mobile: 0400112489

Alison Fraser (Hartley): Email: alisonlee1961@gmail.com

There is a Facebook page dedicated to the reunion please search for LHS Year 7 1974 to Year 10 1977 Reunion which has a lot of photos, memories and information.  

Greg Sutton

Sugar Code of Conduct is needed

Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne are not interested in supporting farming families and their communities in sugarcane districts.

It is time for the Federal Government to introduce a formal industry Code of Conduct. This call was backed by the LNP State Council in Cairns at the weekend which noted the Code of Conduct was first recommended by a Senate Inquiry 18 months ago. Since then 1500 canegrowers and their families have been left in limbo by the shenanigans over cane supply contracts with Wilmar Sugar. With the Labor Government backing Singapore-based multi-national over local farmers and their families, only the LNP can provide choice in marketing for grower economic interest sugar.

It was also left to the LNP to try to provide a resolution mechanism through arbitration for the stalled negotiations over contracts between Wilmar and sugar marketer Queensland Sugar Ltd.

With less than three months until the start of 2017 crush, it is simply unacceptable to have 1500 canegrowers without cane supply contracts - a legal requirement for them to send cane to their local sugar mills.

With Labor cheering its ability to vote down the LNP’s legislation for dispute arbitration, it’s now up to the Turnbull Federal Government to deliver a Code of Conduct to hopefully ensure this situation never recurs.

Dale Last

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister