Letters to the editor

SEE FOREVER: The view east from the Vaughan Johnson Lookout at the border of Boulia and Diamantina shires. Photo: Derek Barry
SEE FOREVER: The view east from the Vaughan Johnson Lookout at the border of Boulia and Diamantina shires. Photo: Derek Barry

Safety was at the heart of the Maxwelton racing cancellation

I refer to the recent letter (The North West Star, Thursday April 13) from Ian McCauley, President of the Queensland Racing Integrity Group querying the decision to cancel the Maxwelton Races.

Mr McCauley was correct in stating that the stewards in all codes of racing are now employees of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and not Racing Queensland.

The decision to cancel the Maxwelton meeting was made by the stewards after three separate track inspections conducted in the week leading up to the event identified concerns about the condition of the track.

Club officials were advised of the issue and attempted remedial work.

Stewards were not satisfied as to the safety of the track at the pre-race inspection on the day before the meeting but gave club officials a further opportunity to address the issues.

A final inspection on the morning of the event confirmed the track was still not safe for racing.

The safety of jockeys and racehorses is always the most important consideration in track inspections and I strongly support the stewards in making this decision.

The tragic recent events in Queensland and New South Wales reinforce the dangers involved.

Mr McCauley suggested that an unused legislative power of the QRIC to set common standards for all race clubs is somehow linked to the Maxwelton decision.

Racing Queensland, not the QRIC, are responsible for licensing clubs and venues.

Since commencing operations the QRIC has not set any standards for race clubs anywhere in Queensland.

Ross Barnett

Racing Integrity Commissioner

Bacon and Egg On

In a break from stupid politicians, lets try some science. In the year 1620, Francis Bacon suggested that if you crush some sugar crystals with a spoon in total darkness, you will see some strange lights.

He was, of course, pretty right.

You might have to fiddle around to get similar results.

But if it means a few hours in giggledom with your kids it might be worth it.

Failure in loving company is never bad.

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

End FIFO now

What has the KAP actually gained for the North West region that wouldn't have come our way if we didn't have any representation at all in both governments? The answer is nothing. KAP claim they are responsible for everything that comes our way when the truth is it would have come anyway.

The North West region is in an unprecedented economic slump and there needs to be something to drive the recovery. There is no point waiting for Mount Isa Mines as the mine is heading towards end of life and changing the model that it operates under and downsizing staff. Any recovery needs to come from another source, the obvious answer is putting an end to Fly In Fly Out.

MMG's Dugald River Mine will have about 400 full time employees, every one of these employees need to be based in Cloncurry or Mount Isa, all the other mines in the region should also be forced to base employees locally. 

Let’s hear from the mining companies why this cant happen? Lets hear from KAP why they aren't pursuing this vigorously?

The Cloncurry mayor says MMG have had a change of heart and may consider Cloncurry as a base for employees, so why do their advertised jobs say they are FIFO?

Why are the care and maintenance staff at Lady Loretta Mine, the newly employed staff of Capricorn Copper - Mount Gordon etc allowed to FIFO.

Andrew Neil