Mount Isa charter pilot Josh Hoch adjourned in the Mount Isa Magistrates Court

The Mount Isa Court House where Josh Hoch's court matter was heard on Tuesday. Photo: Chris Burns.
The Mount Isa Court House where Josh Hoch's court matter was heard on Tuesday. Photo: Chris Burns.

A MOUNT Isa charter pilot faces five life imprisonment offences among 342 charges in the magistrates court in August. 

31-year-old Josh Hoch’s committal mention has been adjourned to August 30 in the Mount Isa Magistrates Court.

His list of charges include endangering the safety of a person in a vehicle with intent, dangerous operation of a vehicle, flying an aircraft without a licence, and fraud. 

Mr Hoch’s legal representative Michael Spearman, Resolute Legal’s principal solicitor, first understood the proposed adjournment date requested by police prosecution to be when he would receive their brief of evidence. 

“It’s still an extraordinary amount of time. It’s financially onerous on him (Mr Hoch),” Mr Spearman said.  

The accusations were prejudicial against Mr Hoch who has been under investigation by police since last October, Mr Spearman said. 

“He has been deprived of income due to bail conditions,” Mr Spearman said. 

“He has two young children under three.” 

The court heard it would take at least two months for Mr Spearman to receive the brief of evidence from prosecution.

Mr Hoch’s solicitor requested police prosecution explain to the court why it would take so long. They had already done so through private correspondence. 

Police prosecutor Sergeant Heather Whiting said examinations of electronic statements still needed to be done 

“There are scientific examinations at QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and geological examinations in South Australia or Western Australia still required,” Sergeant Whiting said. 

“There are 25 expert statements still to be completed after scientific examinations.” 

Acting Mount Isa magistrate Scott Luxton said that Mr Hoch’s bail was enlarged and that he would not need to appear at the next court mention.

Mr Luxton said there was no reason why the committal mention might not be rescheduled for an earlier date if the brief of evidence was prepared.