Treasure trove is great news

I quote:

"Geologists have unearthed evidence which suggests Queensland may be sitting on a treasure trove of rare minerals that underpin 21st century technologies and laying undiscovered in the remote North West of the State."

It sounds like a history lesson, words that would have been uttered when the Mount Isa Mineral Field was discovered all those years ago.

But they are the words of our own Minister for State Development and Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham.

Last Sunday Dr Lynham announced the results of work undertaken by experts from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the University of Queensland.

These experts have uncovered evidence of platinum and gold as well as Rare Earth elements in an area now being referred to as the Diamantina Minerals Province.

This is the next wave of potential resource investment for the North West of our state.

These are minerals which the world needs for a clean future.

They are the essential elements of the 21st century technologies for mobile phones, computer hard drives, camera lenses, X-Ray and MRI systems.

Nick Maric

Nick Maric

The minister has made it clear these areas of exploration will be in the Queensland Government’s next exploration program.  

While the opponents of the mining industry use every means at their disposal to attack this valuable industry the Queensland Labor government, the universities and the industry itself are searching for new wealth for our state and creating jobs in regional Queensland.

The prophets of doom and gloom can take the next couple of years off, this announcement from our Labor Government demonstrates the mining industry is still robust, still out there searching for minerals and creating wealth and jobs for this state.

This exciting news coupled with the proposed gas pipeline and other developments in our area should be a great Easter tonic for us all.

I’m certain that all people in the North West will be watching with great interest, hope and anticipation as further reports come forward giving us more reason to have confidence in this part of Queensland which we call home.

Opinion by Nick Maric,

Mount Isa ALP president