QPS crime stats for western Queensland and Mount Isa

Police cars parked outside the Mount Isa district and division station.
Police cars parked outside the Mount Isa district and division station.

THERE were 412 crimes reported to police in the Mount Isa Division in April. 

It’s an increase of 35 crimes compared to March, and 52 more reported crimes compared to February’s crime stats. 

As in previous months the most common type of crime in April was good order offences – although this is a blanket label which can include matters such as public nuisance and obstruction against police. 

There were also nine cases of fraud and none had been solved. In March there had been five counts of fraud mainly due to a stolen credit card that was used in businesses. 

In April the nine cases of fraud were scattered across the town with many understood to have happened on Monday, April 17. 

A fraud that happened on April 17, at 12.30pm, appeared to happen at the Shell Service Station, according to the Queensland Police Service crime map. 

Other locations included the Barkly Highway north of Mount Isa between April 14 and 15, the Overlander Hotel complex at about 4.45pm on April 15, and Simpson, West and Isa Streets on April 17 and 18. 

There had also been two crimes of an unlawful use of a motor vehicle, 22 traffic offences, and four weapon act offences. 

Across the Mount Isa Police District – which covers the gulf communities, Julia Creek, and Birdsville – there were 649 crimes recorded. 

These included 88 assaults, 70 drug offences, a robbery, and an arson. 

The arson was recorded to have happened in Doomadgee. It remained unsolved but the crime map said it happened in Walden Drive at 2.15pm, Monday, April 17. 

In the Cloncurry division there were 43 crimes reported to police – only an increase by two from the previous month. 

17 of these crimes were good order offences. 

There were four assaults and two of these had been solved. 

Four thefts had been reported in three separate occasions and places, and none of these were solved. An unlawful entry had also been unsolved. It had happened between 4 and 6.30am on Saturday, April 22, on what appears to be the Cloncurry reserve near the river and Depot Street. 

The Boulia Police Division had three crimes reported. There was one theft, a traffic matter, and an assault. Only the assault was unsolved. 

The Dajarra Division – which includes Urandangi and Duchess – had five crimes reported. There was an unsolved assault near the Urandangi Road at 2am, on April 23. 

There were four other crimes in Urandangi, which had been three good order offences and property damage. All were solved.