Domestic violence offenders in Mount Isa Magistrates Court blame victims

The Mount Isa Court House.
The Mount Isa Court House.

TWO men accused of unrelated domestic violence offences in the Mount Isa Magistrates Court on Tuesday had blamed the female victims of escalating the situation. 

A 52-year-old man was in West Street when he threatened his ex-partner and damaged her car on May, 15. Police prosecutor Sergeant Karen Hall said; “the aggrieved got out of the vehicle and asked him about money. He threatened to give her a hiding if she didn’t get in the car.

“He got angry and called her names...” 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service solicitor Tim Carberry said his client was “subjected to further abuse and inaccurate allegations of infidelity. He walked away...she did a U-Turn in the car.

“He accepts the facts but said he doesn’t remember them very well. Losing his temper like this in the last two years is out of character. He admits he lost his temper and acted wrongly.”  

The defendant was ordered to pay $400 and given a six month probation order.

The man pleaded guilty to breaching a domestic violence order, and wilful damage. 

The man kicked the car door, which caused a dent, slammed it repeatedly and damaged the side window and damaged the door’s electronics. 

The other defendant pushed a woman in a cottage at the Yallambee Reserve in September, 2016, and held his forearm over her neck, the court heard. 

Sergeant Hall said that the man told police he was first used as a “punching bag” when she was angry at him. 

Solicitor Warren Hunter said the defendant’s reaction had been “disproportionate” when pushing the victim and holding his forearm over her neck.

The man was given a three month imprisonment order, but this was suspended for two years. If he committed another serious offence he could serve that time.