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DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT: An image captured on the Barkly Hwy near the turnoff to the Cloncurry-Dajarra Road. Photo: Derek Barry
DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT: An image captured on the Barkly Hwy near the turnoff to the Cloncurry-Dajarra Road. Photo: Derek Barry

No question of time-wasters in puppet theatre

If, as Tony McGrady says, he “watches every Question Time”, then he’d know that I seldom, if ever, attend – and mostly don’t vote, either (‘Katter goes AWOL on Glencore’, North West Star, Tuesday June 6).  

If the ALP and LNP want to turn the Parliament into theatre, I for one will not be participating in the ALP/LNP ruling establishment’s party games.

Actually, while Tony McGrady was “home watching the TV”, I was desperately trying to find the critical ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ clauses in what was once Mr McGrady’s Qld Mining Act.

These were the clauses that force Glencore to mine, or sell, or return the tenement to Government – they were gone.

Also all gone – just like the ‘use-it-or lose-it’ clauses – are 3000 jobs removed from the Mid West by his Government, deregulation of wool, corporatisation and privatisation of PMG and NorQeb, our railways. 

Cloncurry, for example, under the Government in which Mr McGrady was a senior Minister, lost our magistrate, our assay office, our mining office and staff, our northern development officer, our agricultural research unit – congratulations, Tony! 

Thanks, also, for fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) mining – previously banned by the Qld Bjelke-Petersen and WA Court governments.

Charters Towers gold mines – started under our FIFO ban – that got 2000 jobs. Our North West Qld mines, in sharp contrast, opened under the ALP pro-FIFO policy and we have 2000 fewer jobs than prior to FIFO.    

But back to Question Time, during which the LNP Government members ask questions written out for them by the Minister, so he can bucket the ALP and also tell us how good he is; while the ALP Opposition questions are asked only by the party leaders, and are just political attacks on the LNP Government.

No, Tony – if I’d been sitting in Parliament as a political puppet playing your party games, the Indonesian cattle market would still be restricted and banana imports would be flooding in.

Only a galah would have asked a question of the Minister on Glencore and then have him berating the ALP Qld Government over Adani whilst giving a free kick to Glencore. (If the cap fits, wear it.)

A letter to follow will show how effectively I have been able to use Question Time.

Hon. Bob Katter MP, 

KAP Federal Member for Kennedy

No fan of Bob

Regular readers could well infer that I am a rusted on leftie that despises Bob Katter.


The man is a bolted on right wing/left wing half wit.

With some other bizarre ideas.

He makes Pauline Hanson sound logical.

And that is not an easy trick.

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

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