Pair of Cloncurry juveniles arrested

Cloncurry police have said that over the last week and a half a number of residents in Gregory, Ham and Sheaffe Sts (including the works being conducted on the Shaeffe St Rehabiligation Project near the Bowls Club) have been victims of theft and damage related offences.

Investigations identified two local youth, one aged 17 and one aged 12, as the persons responsible.

They have been both been interviewed and arrested, on offences between the two of them amounting to nine charges of break and enter, 11 charges of stealing, one of wilful damage and two of trespass.

The 17-year-old will appear in Cloncurry Magistrates Court on July 7.

The 12-year-old appeared in the Mount Isa Children's Court Thursday, after spending the night, courtesy of a bail objection, in the Mount Isa Watchhouse.