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This is Alan Mathieson's glorious photo of Lawn Hill National Park which has been framed and presented to the Governor-General on his visit to Mount Isa last Friday.
This is Alan Mathieson's glorious photo of Lawn Hill National Park which has been framed and presented to the Governor-General on his visit to Mount Isa last Friday.

Response is an indictment

I read the letter in the North West Star (Saturday, June 17) from Bob Katter in response to Tony McGrady’s letter (Tuesday, June 6)

I can’t believe that Mr Katter actually stated what was attributed to him.

Please confirm that The Star did not get it wrong when he wrote, “If as Tony McGrady says he watches every question time then he’d know that I seldom, if ever attend PARLIAMENT and mostly don’t vote either.”

This is an indictment of the man who is paid to represent us in the Parliament.  

For him to admit that he seldom attends Parliament and mostly doesn’t vote either, surely there must be some authority who can call this man to order and demand that he performs the role that he was elected to perform and more importantly gets a handsome payment together with the many perks which he enjoys.

This man is elected as a member of the Federal Parliament, he should be there challenging the Government and the Ministers, telling the nation of the many problems facing the people of his electorate and presenting sensible ideas to help the people of his electorate.

If he won’t do this then I would suggest that for whatever good he may have done in the past it is now time to go and the sooner the better.

And just in passing Mr Katter, in the original letter from Mr McGrady he didn’t say that he watches every question time, he said I watch every question time THAT I CAN.

This is somewhat different from what Mr Katter claimed he stated in his Letter to the Editor.

Kendall Santillan

Mount Isa

Editor’s note: the exact quote from Mr Katter’s letter was “If, as Tony McGrady says, he “watches every Question Time”, then he’d know that I seldom, if ever, attend – and mostly don’t vote, either”.  

Gun violence is alarming

Every five years the USA's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention publishes figures on deaths by gun violence.

The last available figures were for the period 2011-2015. The statistics identify 169,395 deaths from firearms. That number, to us Australians, is unimaginable.

It gets worse. Of those deaths, 105,183 were identified as suicides.

That is 62%.  Let me say that again, 62%!

Some people call for greater access to firearms, politicians Bob Katter and David Leyonhjelm immediately spring to mind.

Mr Katter laments the higher suicide rate of those in farming, rural and remote communities while ignoring the added lethality of firearms.

Just go Bob. And take your over-compensating hat, shotguns and rifles with you.

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

Facebook Feedback

Readers had their say on the roadworks between Cloncurry and Mount Isa

Glenn Smith Gee what a weak response...this has been ongoing by memory since early May... not to mention the windscreen damage I received when it was first done..

Caroline Nicol Travelled this road twice now. Once before the lane closure and an idiot overtook me and chipped my windscreen and a second time on Saturday night and an idiot overtook me in the closed lane and chipped my windscreen again. The speed limit is 60 and no overtaking for a reason people. I dont want to be another statistic

Yasmin Braes Easter Monday I was traveling back from Cloncurry and an idiot overtook me before it was closed off when I was doing 60 the speed limit, flicked rocks up and smashed my drivers side back window where my 13mth old baby was in her car seat, chipped my windscreen and stone sprayed the whole drivers side of my car, every panel damaged. We are left to pay for the repairs when it's Main Roads fault the road is in such bad condition and of cause the idiot drivers that disobey the road rules.


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