Musicians tour Outback for West Queensland Drought Appeal

Fanny Lumsden

Fanny Lumsden

Melbourne musician Tobias and CMC award winner Fanny Lumsden will team up for four shows in Central West Queensland next month.

A mutual love of Australian music and community has motivated the two artists to join forces for the West Queensland drought appeal.

Tobias and Fanny will kick off their tour in Longreach on Thursday July 20 and will make their way through a host of small venues.

Tobias (Melbourne)

Tobias (Melbourne)

The tour ends on July 23 in the small outback town of Yaraka, boasting a population of just over 100 people. 

“What I love about performing music in Australia is connecting with the communities I travel too.  I think both my music and Fanny’s will really resonate with these audience,” Tobias said.

Tobias and Fanny Lumsden met when they both performed at the 2016/2017 Woodford Folk Festival and discussed the importance of using music to help community causes, like the drought.  

No stranger to country audiences, Fanny is looking forward to the shows in July.

“We can’t wait to get out and swap some stories with the folks of central Queensland!

"These are my favourite types of shows and it will be the first time we have got the chance to get out there and share our music,” Fanny said.

A Rotary member saw Tobias perform at a house show in Maryborough, Queensland before introducing him to Longreach Rotary President David Phelps.

Mr Phelps said the West Queensland drought tour is close to his heart and he is looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on communities.  

“It means a lot to have Tobias and Fanny Lumsden heading out west on their drought relief tour.

“They will bring families and communities together who have been facing tough times for five years now.  

"We don’t know when this drought will end, but the big rains will come eventually. The wait is easier when we know we have the support of people like Tobias and Fanny Lumsden — and yourselves in towns and cities all around Australia,” Mr Phelps said.

He is hoping the concerts will generate funds and much needed awareness for the West Queensland Drought Appeal, which supports people in remote areas affected by the long drought.


Thursday 20th July - Longreach Civic Centre - Longreach, Qld

Friday 21st July -  Ilfracombe Hall - Ilfracombe, Qld

Saturday 22nd July - Isisford Hall - Isisford, Qld

Sunday 23rd July - Yaraka Hall - Yaraka, Qld

All concerts in Ilfracombe, Isisford and Yaraka are free entry.

Tickets to the Longreach concert are free and available through the registration page.