Mount Isa celebrates State of Origin 3

LOCAL eyes and minds focused on the television screens during the State of Origin – especially in the first half in which there was the possibility the Blues might catch up. 

It was difficult to capture photographs of Buffs Club patrons until the half time, and even writing down their names was interrupted by the burst of cheers when Queensland scored more tries early in the second half. 

Townies players from the Mount Isa Rugby League were selling raffle tickets at the Buffs Club before the game. They sold ‘doubles tickets’ meaning that the jersey number of first scores for both teams won the cash prize, said Townies’ Isabelle Ramsey.

The holder of winning ticket of NSW 3 (Josh Dugan) and QLD 2 (Valentine Holmes) won $500 if they collected it before the Townies left for the night. It would be $400 afterwards. 

Couple Ben Lowis and Ange Jalali wore matching scarves – although different colours. “I’m from Sydney and I know where my loyalty is,” Ms Jalali said.

Maroons supporter Ben Lowis described the game as training for the Blues. 

“Queensland put on a coaching clinic for the Blues,” he said. 

Dale Long and Annette Paroz, visiting Mount Isa from Cairns, also wore different coloured jerseys. 

Mr Long was a Blues supporter but he’s likely to hide the jersey after the 22-6 score. “If we lose then I am from Victoria and I got this (jersey) on special,” he said in the half time break. 

John Richardson, Maroons supporter, said that Queenslander overall was a better team. 

“They played very well,” Mr Richardson said. “They beat them pretty convincingly last game. NSW did not have Paul Gallen to psych the Blues side up.”