64-year-old woman stands in way of police guns

The Mount Isa Magistrates Court House.
The Mount Isa Magistrates Court House.

MOUNT Isa police were aiming their guns at a man who had claimed to have a shotgun – when a 64-year-old pensioner stood in their way. 

The pensioner, Lucine Karen Lowe, was charged with obstruction and appeared before the Mount Isa Magistrates Court on Monday. She pleaded guilty and was placed on a $200 good behaviour bond. If she was charged for a crime in six months she would pay the fine. 

Police prosecutor Sergeant Karen Hall said police were at a property in Camooweal Street. A man inside the house threatened them by saying he had a shotgun. Eventually he left the house and police commanded that he get on the ground. Further information of the shotgun was not mentioned in court. 

When the man obeyed police the woman walked round the side of the house and stepped between the man and police, who needed to lower their guns. 

Magistrate James Morton said Lowe placed herself at risk by getting in the way. He said a conviction would not be recorded and she had no criminal history.

“I hope I will never see you again and I don’t think I will,” Mr Morton told her.  

Legal Aid Queensland solicitor Stephanie Mansell said Lowe walked from the side of house where she had been checking a gate, before walking in front of police.

“It all occurred quickly,” Ms Mansell said.