Cloncurry experienced a teddy bear takeover at Merry Muster

A picnic to celebrate the annual Cloncurry Merry Muster Festival was overtaken by hoards of teddy bears, dogs, monkeys, and bunnies on Friday morning at Mary Kathleen Park.

Toddlers struggled to keep their teddies under control as merry mums and dads looked on, helplessly.

Thankfully, picnic organiser Peta McIntyre, was on site to facilitate entertainment of teddies and tots alike.

Singing and dancing was provided by engaging Mainly Music presenters, with teddy appropriate dance moves.

Everything was bear-themed; the songs, decorations, cookie decorating, guests, and both Tiny Teddies and gummy bears lined the table tops.

Miss Rodeo Australia, Emma Deicke, and Curry Merry Muster Rodeo Queen, Kate Taylor, were both seen dancing with teddies.