Isa's Blue Line with Renee Hanrahan

Senior Sergeant Renee Hanrahan.
Senior Sergeant Renee Hanrahan.

A question I have been asked several times this last week is around changes to the equipment our officers are wearing. 

Several observers have noticed the change to the firearms holsters being worn. 

These changes are occurring state-wide and relate to all officers performing frontline operational duties. 

The new holsters are worn on the thigh as opposed to our older version, which was worn on the hip. 

The benefits associated with this change include a better transfer of weight, instead of being all on the hips, which is a significant occupational health and safety measure. 

This holster will also accommodate the new weapon mounted light sources – which are essentially a torch attached to the firearm, requiring a different holster. 

Whilst some have commented it is a more tactical or militarised look, the biggest consideration was reducing the number of injuries officers have.  

Also, as of September 2017 more of our officers will also be equipped with Body Worn Cameras. 

This will see Mount Isa Police go from about a 60 per cent issue rate, up to 100 per cent of our frontline responders wearing the cameras. 

This is also follows an expansion across Queensland. 

The increased technology allows us to deliver improved performance and services for the community. 

The cameras record both vision and sound, and provide the ability to record events electronically as they occur.

The benefits gained from this specific evidence ability include:

  • Reduction in officer time spent on paperwork meaning an increase in time on patrol
  • Improved collection of evidence,
  • Reduction in the use of force by officers,
  • Moderated behaviour of people present at incidents,
  • Improved officer conduct and professionalism,
  • Reduction in complaints against Police and,
  • Reduction in 'not guilty' pleas.

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We will also be participating in all the wonderful events associated with Rodeo. 

So keep an eye out for us at the Isa Street Festival, and at our information and merchandise tent at Rodeo.  We wish everyone a happy and safe Rodeo.