Micromine installs Pitram at MMG’s Dugald River

OK COMPUTER: MMG have implemented mining software called Pitram at Dugald River. Photo: Supplied
OK COMPUTER: MMG have implemented mining software called Pitram at Dugald River. Photo: Supplied

MMG has implemented new mining software to enhance its operation at Dugald River zinc mine.

Mining solutions provider Micromine says it has successfully implemented an underground fleet management and mine control solution at the site, which will be one of the world’s largest zinc mines when it goes into production next year.

Micromine’s solution is called “Pitram” and it enables the control room administrators to capture live data ensuring data accuracy, increasing efficiencies and control over equipment, tasks and personnel.

Micromine’s Pitram Business Development Manager, Chris Rowohlt, said real-time data entry allowed the control room to make proactive decisions to ensure the operation could run safely and efficiently to maximise output.

The solution uses voice radio data capture, allowing production data to be entered into Pitram via radio communication. Pitram’s Materials Management module uses mine design, survey and production data to provide real-time stockpile balances throughout the mining operation.

“The Pitram Materials Management module adds value to the Dugald River operation by providing an accurate method of tracking the material flow including grades from source to processing” Mr Rowohlt said.

MMG Dugald River Mine Technical Services Superintendent Rhett de Vries said Pitram provided Dugald River the ability to record, manage and process mine site data in real-time.

“Improvements in safety, productivity and reporting efficiency are already being realised, and the business looks forward to leveraging these benefits as the operation ramps up,” Mr de Vries said.

Additional modules implemented will include Drill and Blast, which provides tools for planning and managing drill and blast operations, additionally, the Controlled Areas module improves safety by monitoring access to dangerous and hazardous areas.

Mr Rowohlt said Pitram would provide MMG with an overall view of the current mine status enabling more control over the operation.