Buffs 303s too good for Buffalo Bills

Christina Hinds from the MIBC Islanders in action.
Christina Hinds from the MIBC Islanders in action.


Round 19 of the Mount Isa 8 Ball Association saw two of the best teams squaring off at the Buffs Club. The Buffs 303s have only had one loss on the year and it was to the Buffalo Bills. The 303s were keen to get revenge and shot off to a 3-1 lead behind Jye and Jason Graham, but for most of the match they were behind. Alice Stevens got a handy win, while Ziggy Grubczynski, who took three wins on the afternoon, took two-straight as the Bills went 6-4 ahead. Blows were traded until it was 9-all. The 303s delivered taking a 12-9 lead again with Jye Graham and AJ Saunders playing well, but even as James Ghee took his third win, the Bills looked to snatch a draw. A tight win by Shaye Graham took the pressure off Adam Langtree in the last frame for the remarkable 14-10 win. The Bills fall look resigned to a week-one finals match against the new 2nd-place team, the MIBC Islanders.

MIBC ISLANDERS 13 (Samm Carpenter 4; Christina Hinds 4) DEFEATED IRISH CLUB OUTLAWS 11 (Randall Thorpe 4)

The Irish Club relinquished fifth-spot to the Buffs JMI after a fight against the MIBC Islanders. The Islanders are building a side to challenge anyone, but as the Outlaws took a 4-nil lead, an upset was on the cards. The 13-11 win was attributed to captain Samm Carpenter and new recruit Christina Hinds who battled hard all day, each for a perfect 4-of-4, and when Aiden Biondi and Noel Doyle recovered from early losses, the win was clinched. The Outlaws had one of their better days, with Pierre Pardo and Randall Thorpe keeping their sides in the battle. They fall to a tie for sixth and with another tough couple of weeks ahead, will do well to keep their spot.

MIBC HUSTLERS 16 (Greg Payne 4; Eggy Eggmolesse 3) DEFEATED BOWLING ALLEY INLAWS 8 (Noodle String 4)

The MIBC Hustlers have tied three wins together to get back in the finals picture as they took apart a Bowling Alley Inlaws side that tried all day. Having one player short with Hustlers Greg Payne and Eggy Eggmollesse in fine form would prove tough for the Inlaws, but Noodle String kept his amazing record intact taking all four of his frames.

BARKLY INCREDIBALLZ 15 (Russ Holdsworth 4; James Hay 3) DEFEATED BARKLY BOOZERS 9 (Wade Mackenzie 4)

If the Barkly Boozers had the side they have now from the start, they would be in top-4 contention. Wade Mackenzie took four frames from the Barkly Incrediballz in style as the Boozers look to ambush the ladder leaders next week after enjoying the best month of the year with three wins recorded. Still, it may be too late to qualify for finals, but not too late to play spoilers. The Incrediballz however, after their 15-9 victory over the Boozers, look to be in their best form also after five rounds without a loss. James Hay, Russ Holdsworth and Mick Lehtonen are looking like world beaters, and could kick the door in on third spot.


The Overlander New Stars brought a knife to a gun fight with only four players against the Buffs JMI who are one of the hottest teams in the league right now. However, 15-9 loss was attributed to eight matches forfeited and Stars captain Scott Megarrity saw a spirited fight from his side.