Mount Isa Athletics club day report

For a number of years now the Mount Isa Athletics Club’s jumps coach David Scott has been trying to get his daughter Jade to transition her high jump technique from scissors to flop. This year she finally conceded with an excellent result of 1.40m to take the 16 years women’s club record. Jade is now proving herself as an accomplished jumper also holding a number of other records in pole vault and hurdles. 

Club president James Stewart also had a good day on the high jump mats clearing 1.53m to improve his 30-34 years masters record by a further two centimetres.

Personal bests (bests) were proving hard to come by for many but a few bucked the trend and went home with a perfect five from five for the day.

Ansuman Shrestha, Caelen Howard and for the second time this season Dan Butler will receive medallions for their efforts at this Saturday’s club day.

Seven-year-old Mason Turner couldn’t have got any closer to his five from five when he finished with four PB’s and an equal time in his 60m sprint.

Coach Scott is probably now wishing he had competed in high jump earlier in the season after finishing with four PB’s but had no height to beat in high jump.

The one age group not to be left dry in the PB drought was the 11 years group who accumulated an impressive 22 PBs between nine athletes.

The steady flow of legend certificates continues with another eight to be awarded to Abbigail Green, Kadea O'Donnell, Marley Miko, Miley-Jo Schafer, Rilee Webber, Scarlett Venz and Terri-Anne Knight

The club is now looking ahead to a massive September which kicks off with their ‘Superhero Day’ on the 9th to mark the final club day of the season.

The following Saturday will be the club’s second ‘Retro Day’ the following day will be the ‘Isa Throws Pentathlon’ and then a fair chunk of the club will be heading off to Townsville on September 22-24 to compete at the North Queensland Championships.