New policy puts Queensland jobs first

The dust has now settled on the Labor party state conference in Townsville.

And while there were many issues discussed and debated the one issue which really made me feel excited and ready to go out and tell anybody who would listen was the “Buy Queensland” policy.

How often have you witnessed people and companies from overseas and interstate receive contracts from the State Government when in reality this work or these goods and services could be supplied locally?

Do you realise the Queensland state government spends $14 billion a year buying supplies and services.

An additional $4 billion is invested each year in building and maintaining the state’s infrastructure such as roads,schools and hospitals.  

The Queensland Labor Government, in a first, has agreed that they would no longer be constrained or bound by Free Trade Agreements that have seen jobs go off-shore or interstate.

During her recent visit to Mount Isa our Premier made it clear that Queensland will be going its own way, ignoring restrictions imposed upon us by others that go against our interests.

She gave an example of this in the Australian-New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement where “local” is defined as anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

So to me suggesting to a Queensland taxpayer that funding a job in Christchurch is the same as funding one in Mount Isa is ridiculous.

The Premier informed us that under the new Queensland Government policy starting from September 1, 2017 the definition of a "local supplier" is a business that maintains a workforce within a 125 kilometre radius of where the goods or workers are needed.    

I believe that this is music to the ears of regional Queenslanders and a policy which deserves the support of all Queenslanders.

We have all heard those critics of our Labor government blast this policy but I’m sure the vast majority of Queenslanders are pleased and proud to have a Government which puts the people of Queensland first.

If any reader of the North West Star would like more information on this progressive policy please email and he will be happy to send the information to you.