Extremist organisation ALQ has rodeos in its sights.
Extremist organisation ALQ has rodeos in its sights.

Animal Liberation Queensland have stuck their heads above the parapet again to criticise another North West Queensland rodeo.

Last year they had the lovely people of Quamby in their sights, this year they have targeted the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo.

Their strategy is the same, target one event they think they can get stopped – calf scruffing in Quamby’s case (which was removed this year) and rope and tie in Mount Isa’s case, and they get their spies to collect video which they say supports their case.

Well I’ve seen the Mount Isa video and in each case the animal gets to its feet and walks or runs away without damage.

It would be laughable if they weren’t so serious. 

Make no mistake, these people don’t just want to get rid of rope and tie, they want rodeo banned full stop.

They are bloody hypocrites who couldn’t care less about the people of our region in their supposed concern for animal welfare.

Most likely you’d find them lapping into the champagne on Melbourne Cup day rather than risk the wrath of thousands by protesting racing at Doomben. 

Far easily to tackle tiny far away and powerless North West Queensland.


On Saturday I drove to Lake Julius Dam. 

Lake Julius Dam.

Lake Julius Dam.

I have driven from Mount Isa to Cloncurry many times in my 20 months in the North West but had never before taken the turn off to Julius and Kajabbi.

The dirt road is beautiful up through the ranges, though not surprisingly the terrain looked very brown at this time of year.

That all changes when you get to the Dam.

What a glorious sight that is.

The Dam is located at the junction of Paroo Creek and the Leichhardt River, 70 kms north-east of Mount Isa. There may not be any water in the Leichhardt upstream but here there was plenty dammed in.

As of the latest Mount Isa Water Board figures, Lake Julius is 87.9% full.

It is a back-up supply for Lake Moondarra as a supply of town water but its distance from town makes it expensive to pump outside times of drought. The state government is now providing money to use a solar pump to get the water to town more cheaply –  Derek Barry