Good Shepard set standard of excellence

SACRED SPACE: School leaders (back) Jayden Philp and Robert Pittis, both in Year 12, and (front) Abbey Benson and James Skea, both in Year 7. Photo: Contributed

SACRED SPACE: School leaders (back) Jayden Philp and Robert Pittis, both in Year 12, and (front) Abbey Benson and James Skea, both in Year 7. Photo: Contributed

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From the principal Peter Scott

Catholic schools exist to make a difference and as such, Catholic education has been making this difference in Mount Isa since 1932.

The story of Good Shepherd Catholic College is one which we continue to live with and grow in each student and staff member who comes through our gates.

At Good Shepherd, we find it important to reflect on the past, on the vision and mission of those who have come before us, so students start each day with clearly defined goals and a sense of purpose.

This is the message we give to our students as they journey with us.

Our purpose is to bring a strong focus on contemporary learning practice, consistent classroom pedagogy, and to develop effective leadership at all levels of the college community, students, staff and parents.

We understand the need for enlightened leadership in these times and that, contrary to the old belief that leadership is just for the chosen few, we believe that leadership is for all.

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We acknowledge that at the heart of visionary leadership lies creativity, organising power and love.

We can no longer turn to government or to the old agencies that have offered guidance in the past, we must build the capacity to answer those fundamental questions ourselves: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, “How can I make a difference?”.

At Good Shepherd, we delight in experiencing the excitement of incoming Year 7 students and witness the controlled enthusiasm and confidence in which they grow as they journey to Year 12. We are encouraged by the determination and passion the staff demonstrate in their tireless work through year.

In both academic and vocational curriculum, in the many co-curricular programs we offer (sports, arts, Indigenous, leadership) and in their mindful approach to pastoral care and student wellbeing, staff are guided by the three principles by which we work: Experience the community, live the values and achieve the success.

In all, we strive for a standard of excellence, which builds capacity and develops self-actualised young adults.

We live in challenging times and the world is seeing fundamental shifts in the way it operates.

The power of the media, the threat of terrorism, the changes in climate and the impacts of rapidly evolving technologies threaten the very fabric of people’s lives and feed their fears.

With ‘Christ, our light’, we can clearly articulate a purpose that underpins the difference which lies at the core of a Catholic education, shaping the leaders of tomorrow: students who are self-aware and self-managed, resilient, adaptable, empathetic, creative, engaged, team workers, socially aware and socially competent.

The story of Catholic education in Mount Isa, three Sisters of St Joseph arriving to establish the first convent school, is one of overcoming considerable adversities in this remote landscape.

We at Good Shepherd Catholic College continue to maintain these stories of our faith and find contemporary ways to instill them in the hearts of our young people so that they can look forward with purpose to discover truth, justice and love in their lives.