Letters to the editor

Cartoonist Bret Currie's take on the Mount Isa City Council's plan to use high-pressure sprinklers to remove bats from the cemetery.
Cartoonist Bret Currie's take on the Mount Isa City Council's plan to use high-pressure sprinklers to remove bats from the cemetery.

Postal vote is needed

If there is not going to be a plebiscite on same-sex marriage there should at least be a postal vote.

It shouldn’t just be up to the politicians

The people that want it can say yes.

But this is the only chance for those dead set against it can say no.

It is not right.

What I would really like to know is where Robbie Katter stands on this and where the new ALP candidate Danielle Slade stands on it.

We’ve got to know where our politicians stand on this before we vote for them.

The politicians will do anything for your vote, but they’ve just got to be honest.

Joe Rogers

Mount Isa

Response to name supplied

Oh dear, where do I start with a reply to the letter marked “Name Supplied” (North West Star September 2).

First, No Name states that marriage has been between man and woman "since the beginning of time".

Rubbish.   Time started about 13.9 billion years ago, modern humans arrived about 200,000 years ago and formalised religious marriage practices are recent.   If you believe the universe is only 6000 years old I will stop wasting my time with you.

Biblically, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, a rapist can marry his victim to escape the law and  males are either compelled to fornicate with their brothers widows or are sentenced to death if they do.

So much for traditional marriage.

Your arguments about whether same sex couple can or should have children are spurious, they already do, even by "normal" methods of reproduction.  Ask Tony Abbott's sister.

There is no credible evidence that children of same sex couples have worse outcomes. 

 There is solid evidence that LGBTQI people have better health outcomes, including reduced suicide/self harm rates, when marriage equality laws are passed.

You claim Nature  doesn't agree with homosexual behaviour and that is why it was outlawed until (1970), some random, localised date.

I was not aware Nature could enact legislation.

Check out how many animals engage in homosexual behaviour.

The stupid mean-nothing opinion survey has nothing to do freedom of speech, or school programs.

Currently, only 28% of marriages involve a church.

Why are the religious bigots so worried about something that can't possibly affect them?

I have read your Bible, the King James version.  King James, the homosexual.

Jesus said nothing about homosexuals.

He did say love your neighbour.

George Harley

Mount Isa

Will we see the report?

We can only grow strong, positive young people from our child protection system with the help of committed people who open their hearts to our vulnerable children.

Our carers know the kids may stay only briefly. But there’s nothing temporary about the love, dedication and stability carers give to vulnerable children when needed most.

While being a carer isn’t easy, it’s an essential part of the system that protects our children. The greatest concern carers is they are not heard. They want to be valued and viewed as part of the overall care team for children who cannot live at home due to abuse and neglect.

But Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on “Partners In Care” workshops in the seven departmental regions.  

I understand the outcome report paints a grim picture of carers’ satisfaction. I have no doubt Labor will try to gloss over this.

Ros Bates MP, 

LNP Shadow Minister for Child Safety