Buffs Show and Shine 2017 brings amusement and business opportunities

OWNERS of some impressive vehicles proudly displayed them at the Buffs Show and Shine on Sunday for the Mount Isa community. 

Organisers say that about 50 vehicles were registered for display. The event is considered by the Buffs to be one of the club’s favourites of the year. 

The event was also an opportunity for local businesses to advertise themselves and support the show and shine. Malouf Auto Group displayed cars at the event but also held a competition in which it offered the winner the chance to test drive a vehicle for a week. The stall ran out of entry forms halfway through the event. 

Principal Paul Malouf said he enjoyed attending the Show and Shine because it revealed the locals’ loyalties to what car brand. He said there were definitely more cars hidden in local sheds on Sunday. “I think people don’t bring them because they haven’t completed it, or they do not want people t o know they own it,” Mr Malouf said. 

He acknowledged some of his cars were hidden away but he would show them off when they were perfect. 

“You can’t appreciate a car that’s in a shed. It needs to be open for people to drool over.” 

Craning company Freo Cranes started in Mount Isa about three months ago. The company brought its 25 tonne Franna to the event to advertise to the community. “We’ve already got a job out of it and a job tomorrow (Monday). The fellas with the kids love it. We show off the quality of our gear too,” said Freo Cranes representative Shannon Schafer. 

Feature car Demonic returned to the Show and Shine this year. Townsville resident Alan Hamilton said the devil theme of his 2005 Holden Special Vehicles Maloo was inspired from a phone call with an ex-wife. 

He valued the car at over $160,000. Some of the upgrades had taken much effort and time. The artwork took more than 250 hours, the stereo gear with fibreglass took six months. “Looking after it is the hardest challenge,” Mr Hamilton said. 

Mr Hamilton was another car owner who would not complete it. “It’s the passion. Some people are perfectionists but perfectionists will never have what they want anyway...I just do what I can when I can.”