Letters to the editor

BIG GROUP: Photo of everyone who attended the Jemena sod turning in Mount Isa on Wednesday. Photo: Derek Barry
BIG GROUP: Photo of everyone who attended the Jemena sod turning in Mount Isa on Wednesday. Photo: Derek Barry

More questions for council

Last month (August 24) the North West Star published a letter from me requesting the Mayor to answer eight questions regarding Council expenditure.

In this letter, I did state “I doubt if Council will provide these figures as there is so much arrogance in this administration”.

How right I was, not a word from her Worship Madam Mayor, or the Chairman of the Council Finance Committee.

After some further investigations I suggest the answer to some of these questions.

Will the Mayor confirm that upon taking office her newly elected Council spent $18,000 on decorating the Mayor’s office?

This figure does not include the new artwork or the new outdoor furniture for the Mayor’s balcony. So, we will suggest $22,000. Oh, and let’s not forget the new mayoral robes which would have been purchased from Hatton Garden in London - say another $4000. Total $26,000?

Will the Mayor confirm that over $1000 per week has been spent on travel for her and her Councillors? $58,000 per year?

Will the Mayor confirm that the previous Mayoral vehicle was used by three Mayors whereas the current Mayor has had two top of the range cars, in the 16 months that she has been in office?

Will the Mayor confirm that the Mayor and Councillors have received a 2.5 per cent increase in allowances since taking office when at the same time the Council workforce have not received any increase?

Will the Mayor confirm that the cost of the Car park at the rear of Buchanan Park cost $480,000 to develop which will be used around days per year, and I repeat my previous question how can she justify this expenditure?

Will the Mayor confirm that around $100,000 was spent on refurbishing the City Council Admin Building?

As Ratepayers of this City we are entitled to have these questions answered by the Mayor of this City and not treated like some inquisitive group of people.

If no answers are forthcoming then there are other avenues which I can pursue to secure this information.

Kendall Santillan, Mount Isa

Still fighting

The High Court has decided the optional, non binding $122 million postal joke will go ahead. Even if the yes vote gets a majority, it is not binding on our politicians.

If a no vote gets a majority, the issue will not disappear.  This will just avoid the inevitable.

Sooner or later the Labor party will win government. They will introduce a Bill into parliament recognising marriage equality.

That bill, on recent polling, will pass the House and the Senate.

Why are we making caring, loving people of the LGBT community put up with this?

George Harley, Mount Isa 

Facebook Feedback

People loved our story about the Art Airconditioning team helping out a Mount Isa family in need.

Brett Peterson – This is what makes Mount Isa a community and an awesome place to live.

Jim Keyes – Aussie spirit alive and well. Well done to all concerned.

Cat Masterson The community comes together when someone is in need - not because they have to, because they want to.

Sylvia Hillas That's a feel good story. Well done everyone.

Steph Huhs There just are not adequate words to express the gratitude my family and I feel for the generosity of everyone involved. Matthew's life is forever changed but has been made easier because of not only this kindness, but the generosity of everyone who donated and/or purchased cupcakes from the XtraMile cafe, the friends and, strangers alike, who blitzed our backyard, filled our freezer and cleaned our home while we were still in Brisbane and APG who refused to bill us for a broken window.