Police attacked during dispute

Two police officers are recovering after an attack while attending an incident in Mount Isa.

Inspector Chris Hodgman said around 9.30pm on Wednesday officers were called to a domestic dispute in Carbine St, Winston.

“While police were dealing with the victim, the perpetrator re-appeared over the back fence and assaulted one of the officers with a back pack,” Insp Hodgman said.

“He was trying to hit the police officer’s head and the officer got into a scuffle with the male which resulted in him being Tasered.”

Insp Hodgman said the man was compliant after the Tasering and he was handcuffed and taken away in a police vehicle to the Watchhouse.

“However on the way another scuffle ensued, and an officer received an injury to their arm, which luckily did not require hospitalisation,” he said.

“The offender is now in the Watchhouse and has been charged with some serious offences.”

Insp Hodgman said his officers didn’t come to work daily to expect dangers like that.