Landcare cleans dam, finds rubbish dating back to 1960s

On the evening of Friday September 15, Mount Isa Landcare Group had a dinner meeting at Mark and Natalia’s place.

My camera was left on a “micro” setting after sending another photo of an unidentified plant to the Queensland Herbarium!

Then on Saturday September, Mount Isa Landcare group with a troop of Mount Isa Scouts cleaned another six kilometres of the road to East Leichhardt Dam.

This year we were a couple weeks after the official “Great Northern Clean Up” – but it was still relatively cool.

Also this year we came with three trailers and three times more people.

A total of eighteen people helped in this great effort.

We managed to fill the trailers and clean another six kilometres of the road to East Leichhardt Dam.

Many of the cans and bottles date back to the 1970s, with one pile believed to be from the 1960s.

In the old days beer cans were all steel; then in the 1970s they had aluminium tops before they went to full aluminium.

We picked up glass stubbies, plastic bottles, aluminium cans and car parts.

The scouts put in a champion effort with the activity contributing to their ‘landcare badge’.

Thanks goes to Melissa Winter (Pelican) for organising the scouts and her husband Rob for bringing his trailer.

Thanks also to Paul Johnson for bringing a couple of his colleagues out from O’Regan and Partners Accountants.

We finished the walk at the road crossing below the dam wall.

Yet another sausage sizzle and soft drink was enjoyed by all.

Next year we will finish the last 1.5 kilometres and do some cleaning around the lake.