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Bob Katter congratulates the North Queensland Cowboys who gave it everything but just came up short in this year's grand final.
Bob Katter congratulates the North Queensland Cowboys who gave it everything but just came up short in this year's grand final.

A message to the North Queensland Cowboys from Bob

Dear Cowboys

On behalf of every North Queenslander I want you to know that we are proud of every one of you.

You have come second in the biggest rugby league competition in the world.

You are the second-best football team in the world.

You lost your captain and leader of the forwards.

You lost your captain and leader of the backs.

You lost your play maker.

No other one of the eight finalists lost any of those key players.

I led the cheering in my part of the grandstand

Clap, clap, clap…Cow-boys (shout).

I thank you all who poured your heart out for eighty minutes.

Next year Storm will not have all of their key players.

We will.

Go the ‘Boys.

Thank you.

You’ve done us proud.

Hon Bob Katter 

MP for Kennedy

Life Member of the Rugby League

But George is still no fan of Bob

We live in a Democracy.

The North West Star lets me call the Katters imbeciles.

Just because they are.

The Katters promote vested interests.

Just because they can.

I want people to vote elsewhere.

Because we don't need the bloody Katters anymore.

No more Katters, no more sugar cane, no more bloody guns.

Farmers and guns equals suicide.

Bob, just stop.

George Harley 

Mount Isa 

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation must please explain on Adani

I can believe that the Adani coal mine will provide employment to a region which badly needs it. 

But no-one can believe that either the region or the State will benefit if there is any government subsidy of any kind for the mine or for its support works.

We're being told that hundreds of millions will be made available. 

Where will the next State Government of whatever sort get them from? 

By raising the prices of water, electricity, public transport and car rego, of course. 

And by sucking money out of the State's economy by sacking thousands of public servants all at once. 

Next question.

All three major parties need to please explain here -- but especially Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. 

It's not good enough just to flounce about saying that everyone is fed up. 

Instead, One Nation should say flatly that it won't subsidise any commercial developments, but will take (explained) action to ensure that workers' entitlements are fully paid up at all times, and cannot be stolen -- after which it can dare the LNP and Labor make the same commitment.  

Does One Nation have the economic responsibility and the political sense to do this? 

There are many in north Queensland who would like to know the answer.


Coopers Plains 

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