Townies Rugby League club praises juniors for hard work in 2017

RUGBY KIDS: Under 6 Townies players Mason, Olivia, and Koby receive their medals. Photo: Esther MacIntyre
RUGBY KIDS: Under 6 Townies players Mason, Olivia, and Koby receive their medals. Photo: Esther MacIntyre

A strong team spirit was present at Town Lions (Townies) Rugby League Club presentation night on Friday, October 6 at Mount Isa Buffs Club.

President of Townies Rugby League, Sean Wade, introduced the committee including Wayne Down Treasurer Karl Clausen, Secretary Bernie Rowland, and captain and coach for the A-graders, Alan Heldsinger.

“From a club’s perspective, we don’t function without these people on the committee, and giving us a hand through the year,” Wade said.

“We have had a change through the committee this year, doing this job is very difficult. We don’t do it without our sponsors, who provide a lot of goods and cash so we can see our kids playing rugby league.”

Best and Fairest awards went to Jai Body for the Under 12s, Gavin Craigie for the Under 14s, Bailey Derrick for the Under 16s, and Nathan Giles for the A-Grade.

Player of the Year went to Under 12s player, Jai Body.

First for Under 6s, coaches Jamie Lowe and Moana presented the young players with their 2017 medallions, Lowe praising their burgeoning skills.

“This year for Under 6s, the skills were absolutely fantastic for us. They really sort of – I suppose I shouldn’t use the word ‘dominated’ for Under 6s – but they did! They did really, really well.”

Skills for Under 6s included being able to catch the ball, pass the ball, play the ball, and tackling around the legs, Lowe said.

Lowe said there were a lot of players who swapped over from Mini Miners to Under 7s last year, to make up the numbers. 

“This year we just did the Under 6s," Lowe said.

“We had some young kids come in that hadn’t played league at all this year, and they fitted in really well and I congratulate those ones.”

Enjoyment was the main goal for the Under 6s, he said.

“We kept it really fun this year for the kids, to make it as enjoyable as possible.”

“Our kids last year were really tiny, and a few of them didn’t have the chance to cross the line, so Moana and I did make an effort for the opposition teams, if they had little kids, to actually let them score and our kids weren’t allowed to tackle them.

“That was just so they learn a little bit of sportsmanship and to help those kids to have fun,” Lowe said.

Coach Owen Cox for the Under 8s helped out most of the year, with a plethora of trainers and managers.

“I’d like to thank everybody for showing up all year round, it’s been so good to see, week in, week out,” Cox said. 

“It’s made my week being able to do a hard week’s work and then come down and watch the little players play. I can’t thank everybody enough.”

Cox and his wife did up special certificates for the Under 8s with names, tris, achievements and photos.