Highlight your trades and services


.........Be in print and Online........

An all new annual A5 gloss magazine for Trades and Services for the Mount Isa area is being published for the first time.

Don't miss out. It will sell out.

Being a yearly publication, can you afford "NOT" to be in it?

The new TRADES & SERVICES Directory with the option of a Online Business Listing:

  • Is an A5 Gloss Colour Directory
  • It is a FREE publication
  • 10,000 copies will be distributed via the North West Star, available at the North West Star office and will be available at specific outlets in February 2018
  • Be found under a category - when someone is looking for a doctor, plumber etc
  • It has a 12 month shelf life for residents to keep by their phone
  • Variety of different size print ads in the directory only OR
  • Book a directory and the business listing package
  • The Business Listing incorporates an advertisement on the North West Star website and an individual business profile capturing the attention of our regular readers
  • Flyer with more information attached
  • July Statistics  - Page views - 532,929, unique browsers 75,433
  • August Stats   - Page views - 1,153,301, unique Browsers 98,089
  • Benefits of participating include a full colour ad of your business in the directory as well as putting your business online through our website (see package options). This will give you full coverage across Mount Isa and surrounding areas to get the most out of your business exposure

At the very least I urge you to consider this as investing in your business, the price equates to 'peanuts' over the life of the package.

Please see link showing the 32 page directory we produced for a sister publication.http://specialpubs.fairfaxregional.com.au/e-mags/2017/rca/0920_01/html5/index.html

Call Rhonda for a flyer and any further information on 1800 773 603.