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Cartoonist Bret Currie shows just how "competitive" Virgin Airlines are in their North We$t Queen$land routes!
Cartoonist Bret Currie shows just how "competitive" Virgin Airlines are in their North We$t Queen$land routes!

Government position on NAIF unchanged

There is no change to the Government's position as outlined by the Premier.

On my behalf, a spokeswoman responded to the Townsville Bulletin question about whether the Queensland Government's involvement in the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility had changed since May.

The comments provided did not deal with the NAIF application by Adani, which the Premier announced the Government would "veto".

As I told the media earlier in the day, the Premier's decision on Friday put beyond doubt that there is any Queensland involvement in that loan arrangement.

Any suggestion the spokeswoman comments contradicted, or intended to contradict, the Premier's statement on Adani's application is incorrect.

There are other Queensland projects applying for NAIF funding. To date, no Queensland project has received NAIF funding. That's a matter for the Federal Government.

The spokeswoman's comments to the Townsville Bulletin in relation to those other applicants were:

The role of the state government in NAIF has not changed. 

The Treasurer has previously outlined – including in the radio interview cited and in the letter to Senator Canavan – the fact that NAIF loan funds are federal funds and flow from the federal government to a project proponent. Any state involvement is to satisfy the mechanics of passing on federal loan funds to private proponents. 

These arrangements still apply to any proponent seeking NAIF funds.

The royalties framework announced in May remains in place for any new major resources projects in the Galilee and Surat Basins and the North West Minerals Province.

Curtis Pitt,


Facebook Feedback

Some readers were unimpressed by Labor’s election promise of $9.4m for North West Queensland racing

Jimmy James Racing? I think there are far more pressing issues for NWQ!

Debbie Cassinelli Why why why do we need this much money for racing? There’s kids out in the community running amuck. Why not do something about that do the old scout camp sight up. employee people to work there Give these kids hope and life skills. Why does this seem so hard to do.every thing is there if they have $9 million to give away for support the racing industry. Why not give it to worthwhile causes.

Gary Osman – I know country racing employs people and needs support but this is ridiculous buying of popular votes in country areas. The new proposed indigenous mainstream men’s shed program has been refused $450,000 to run a proven cutting edge men’s and youth program engaging disadvantage vulnerable disadvantaged men and youth with programs to get off street. We cant get $2m to run a 24/7 community hub with services and temporary safe place for youth in many cases forced to roam streets. There is little funding to remove children from abusive violent non-caring parents and place in protection. We need $1m to turn the Lions camp into a safe place for youth. We have two facilities empty on the city outskirts that be upgraded for women, kids and men from domestic violence again costing $1m. There are no practical programs for judges to order youth to these programs and include work programs for those outside school and create industry pathways to employment.

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